Why to shop with us?



    We believe that ethical fashion can only be done through beautiful and irresistible clothes.

    That’s why our clothes are designed by the experts who have worked for Burberry, Christian Dior and other leading luxury brands.

    Yet the best is still to come.

    You can personalise your items with your embroidered initials or name.



    Our T-shirts are made in a remote Cambodian community of talented HIV affected artisans with children.

    Every clothes you buy help them to earn a fair living wage to make a living and provide their families with the opportunity for the future.

    By shopping with us you are the change they need. That is why we make sure you know who you are helping.

    Every item you buy includes the swing tag with the personal note from our artists.



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    Did you know that fashion industry is the second most polluting after oil and that the production of a Tee can consume even 2700 litres of water and utilise toxic pesticides?

     We are saying NO to this and we are not alone if you join us!

    We are using only organic cotton to minimise the ecological impact of fashion on our planet and the society.


    Environmental Impact

    FACT #1 Fashion industry is the second most polluting after oil...

    FACT #2 The production of a T-shirt can consume up to 2700 litres of water...

    FACT #3 The toxic pesticides and chemicals are used on cotton plantations to meet the increasing demand...

    FACT #4 They pollute local rivers in Asia (often the only source of "drinkable water") causing farmers to have cancer, children to be born mentally ill or with different disorders and people using water to be affected by vitiligo...

    FACT #5 The monopoly of international businesses such as Monsanto and the prices of genetically modified seeds and pesticides make farmers bankrupt and commit suicides (200000 in last 16 years), often by drinking the fertilisers...

    FACT #6 more than 90% of cotton used to produce your clothes is genetically modified...

    Who made your clothes

    FACT #7 There are 40 million garment workers, of which 85% is women...

    FACT #8 Fashion is a 3 trillion dollars a year  industry with the founder of ZARA being the second richest person in the world...

    FACT #9 The garment factories use cheap labour often neglecting the basis health and safety regulations...

    FACT #10 The factories are overcrowded, too hot and often lack the basic safety measures such as fire extinguishers. Thus the name sweat-shops...

    FACT #11 Child labour and the modern slavery are a common practice in the fashion industry...

    FACT#12 The garment workers are not paid the minimum wages  (in Cambodia currently around $73 when the calculated minimum to make ends meet is  $296 per month)...

    FACT #13 Most of the time garment workers can't afford the clothes they are making...

    FACT #14 24 April 2013 saw the biggest catastrophe so far in the fashion industry when Rana Plaza building in Dhaka collapsed killing 1130 garment workers...


    Although we are just starting, SuavEco team has been working with the Cambodian community for 3.5 years.




    Thearith, Kate (SuavEco co-founder) and Jassmine


    The community

    Thearith has been affected by HIV 15 years ago. She used to work in the garment factory.

    Now she lives in the remote Cambodian community with other women (some of them also with the disease) and her daughter Jassmine and three orphan children. Their living conditions used to be bad before Kate, our co-founder, has met them.

     Theraith housing, and that of the community needing work, was in dank, moulding, dark tiny wet concrete rooms. Thearith and others would lift their sewing machine outside when it was sunny, but have to put it in the dark damp inside when it rained and be unable to continue work. Since late 2012, Kate has therefore personally funded a clean, bright living and homework space for Thearith where others in the community can also come work

    However the most important is that the people from the community are able to work from their homes in far better conditions compared to garment factories (where fainting due to the high temperature is a norm). They are paid a fair wage that allows them to make a living, which otherwise would be impossible due to the HIV.

    Also thanks to working remotely they don't have to risk their lives and waste time on commuting to the factories.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.55.12

    Commuting isn't a pleasant or safe experience since it is done by overcrowded trucks.

    As mentioned above Thearith took under her roof three orphans, two of which are school age.

    Thanks to the collaboration with the charity Children In Families and Eco Designer Cassandra Postema the children are able to receive education.


    Cassandra Postema with Thearith, Jassmine and one of the orphans

    Jassmine had to quit her education to help her family and community.

    Thanks to SuavEco, Cassanda Postema and charity Lensational she has greatly improved her English, business and marketing skills.

    Lensational, a charity helping women to tell their story through photography, visited the community and gave valuable insights and lessons about taking photos.


    11215731_1615806955350944_2429073902548390628_n copy

    Lensational workshop


    Why do we need your support?

    To generate regular work, to support Thearith, Jassmine and others in the community to know they can pay rent, schooling and living costs.

    To improve safety in the workplace (buying fire extinguishers, etc.)

    To sponsor training for  Jasmine and others in the community to learn production management and ever better garment skills. The more you help us the better our clothes get!

    To support the family to buy proper beds for the children. Currently they sleep on the floor.

    To help others in the community to move out of the dank housing into clean, bright decent home workplaces available in the area, but at higher rents.

    To grow and show the ethical fashion model can make a difference!